Where can I change my child’s diaper on university grounds? Will I always find a seat for me and my child at the cafeteria? Here you will find an overview of the family-friendly infrastructure at Dresden’s universities. At the moment, the information offered here is still largely focused on the infrastructure at the TU Dresden. The facilities of the other Dresden universities will be added shortly.

If you have information about family-friendly facilities or spots at other universities in Dresden, we would be very happy to receive your tips! Thank you!

Diaper changing facilities

In addition to the diaper changing facilities at Campusbüro Uni mit Kind, there are also other places on campus where you can change your child in peace. It’s often not far to the next changing table.

Here you will find an overview of the current diaper changing facilities at the TU Dresden and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, so that you always have the shortest route when your child’s diaper is in need of changing.

Kennzeichnung Ruheraum an der TU Dresden

Quiet rooms

Sometimes you just want to relax for a moment and block out the hustle and bustle on campus. If you want to lie down for a short while to relax or rest and recoup, here is an overview of buildings at the TU Dresden and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft where a quiet room is waiting for you.


Parent–child workrooms at the TU Dresden

Parent–child workrooms offer parents the opportunity to work in relative peace while their kids can occupy themselves with various items for play and activity. The use of the rooms is at the parents’ own responsibility and liability. A current overview of parent–child workrooms at the TU Dresden can be found here.

Children are welcome at cafeterias

The next generation of students and university staff often enjoy getting a taste of university life. Visits to one of Studentenwerk Dresden’s cafeterias are a popular family event. Look no further than the pasta bar and you’ll often see the excited faces of little ones.

At Studentenwerk Dresden, all little guests are welcome in our cafeterias. For preschool children, we even offer a “children’s plate” filled with tasty goodies for only 50 cents. Highchairs for the very young are available in all our cafeterias.

Children at the library

The SLUB Central Library and DrePunct Library each has their own parent–child workroom. In addition to a PC workstation, these rooms also contain various toys for the little ones.

The TextLab Library has a parent–child workroom and a break corner.

At the Medicine Library, you will also find a children’s corner with a playpen and toys.

The Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft offers its students a child-friendly library.

Play on campus

Often kids are happy to play with as little as the cord on their jacket. But there are some dedicated spots on campus where young and old can find toys to play and discover together. In addition to a wide range of children’s toys at Campusbüro Uni mit Kind, there is also a play corner in the PC pool at the Department of Philosophy; and the SLUB also offers a comfy playroom for all library visitors with children.


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