The Studentenwerk Dresden has an aid program for female students who are expecting a child and have a low income:

  • One-time aid amounting to €200
  • Additionally a free meal card worth €50 for Studentenwerk Dresden cafeterias

If the applicant’s income slightly exceeds the maximum income limit by a maximum of 10%, the aid is granted to the amount of €100 plus a free meal card worth €50.

Aid can be awarded upon application to expectant mothers who are enrolled at a university within Studentenwerk Dresden’s jurisdiction and who are obliged to pay fees to Studentenwerk Dresden. The aid is intended to help defray the cost for needs such as clothing, healthy food, personal hygiene items, and medication for female students during their pregnancy. Grant recipients are not required to furnish proof of use. No legal claim exists to have the grant approved.

Aid is granted if the proven household income before birth does not exceed

  • €861.00 (single parent)
  • €1161.00 (single parent with one child)
  • €1722.00 (joint household with spouse/partner)
  • €2022.00 (joint household with spouse/partner and one child)

The following types of income are exempt from means testing; however they must be listed in the application:

  • Child’s income (e.g. children’s allowance, child support)
  • Benefits related to parenthood (e.g. minimum parental allowance of €300, state parental allowance, BAföG childcare allowance)
  • Credits, loans, and the loan part of BAföG

There is an allowance of €200 for the applicant’s own earned income.

If the partner also lives in the applicant’s household, information on his or her income must also be provided and the relevant proof must also be submitted.

Please address your application with all the required documents specified therein to

Campusbüro Uni mit Kind
George-Bähr-Straße 1d, Verwaltungsgebäude 1
01069 Dresden

Or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Of course, you are also welcome to hand in the application in person at Campusbüro.